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The Horses

At the time of its founding, the "Las Lunas" Stud Farm fixed as its main aim to acquire Purebred Spanish horses suitable for all types of equestrian activity.

For this reason 70% of its stable capacity was reserved for Purebred Spanish horses, and it acquired, among other prestigious stallions, Danzarín XVII, a horse of Carthusian stock that had won many major prizes, together with a large number of mares from a variety of reputed stables. Through these acquisitions the "Las Lunas" Stud Farm aimed to introduce into its stables Carthusian bloodstock from stables with a solid reputation and recognized prestige such as Escalera, Bohórquez, Ayala and Guardiola.

Due to the close relationship between Purebred Spanish and Purebred Lusitanian horses, the "Las Lunas" Stud Farm decided also to take up the breeding of horses of this neighbouring breed. At the present time 10% of the horses in our stables are Purebred Lusitanians.

"Las Lunas" Stud Farm also has 10 mares and 5 stallions of Purebred Arab stock. The most outstanding of these is the stallion Tarok, twice placed in the top ten during the World Equestrian Games. These horses are especially suitable for the disciplines of endurance riding and dressage, and "Las Lunas" Stud Farm has set itself the objective of providing horses that can compete at a world-class level.

Finally, the farm also has horses of various American breeds used for Western riding events. There are some prominent examples of the Appaloosa, Quarter Horse and Paint Horse breeds. Particularly outstanding are the stallion Flying Snapper (son of the World Champion), and, among the mares, Dayna Daymon and the European Champion mare, Cutting.

Our stables currently have a stock of about one hundred horses.

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